Content What is a Liability? What’s the Difference Between Liabilities and Debt? Learn more with What about contingent liabilities? Examples of liabilities When cash is deposited in a bank, the bank is said to « debit » its cash account, on the asset side, and « credit » its deposits account, on the liabilities side. In this case, the […]

Content What Would Be Considered a Good Days Sales Outstanding Ratio? How do I calculate DSO in Excel? How To Calculate Days Sales Outstanding (aka DSO Calculation) Maintaining Records of the Clients’ Payment Details How to Calculate Days Sales Outstanding (Step-by-Step) DSO Interpretation by Industry Accounts receivable can be found on the balance sheet, and […]

Content What is the best platform for day trading? Best Online Broker for Day Trading What Is Day Trading? Pattern day trading + brokerage cash sweep Best Online Brokers For Day Trading Set Aside Funds After you confirm your account, you will need to fund it to trade. You can achieve higher gains on securities […]

Содержание Лучшие 26 книг по техническому анализу Можно ли жить на дивиденды от российских акций – сколько нужно купить Что такое технический анализ: определение, философская основа, теории Ведущие централизованные биржи по объему торгов Технический анализ для начинающих трейдеров: 5 книг по техническому анализу Но для эффективной торговли ценными бумагами, фьючерсами, опционами и валютой нужны навыки […]

Content Normal Profit in Macro Economics Profits in Long Run Pure Competition Types of Profit: Economic Profit and Accounting Profit Examples Frequently Asked Questions about Types of Profit If he is rational, he will still see the accounting profit as a profit but having such a big difference in the economic profit might convince him […]

Content Save new Fiverr Workspace invoices to Dropbox What’s the best bookkeeping software? Independent Contractor Payments Bookkeeping for Contractors Common Features of an Accounting Contract Tax Services This means that you do not have to fill out a separate tax return, or pay additional corporate taxes. You might use an independent contractor to perform work […]

Content Quickbooks Payroll Review: Should You Use It? Self Service Payroll with QuickBooks Plus Intuit Reviews Good Company Stressful Customers QuickBooks Payroll Review: Downsides QuickBooks Payroll Pricing, Service Plans and Features Winner: Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Review QuickBooks Payroll: Other Highlights It can be very convenient to use your accounting software to run payroll since there is […]

Содержание Реальные деньги при торговле на демо-счете Компании Основы Форекс для начинающих: что такое Форекс? Чем отличается ECN счет от обычного счета в AMarkets? Как правильно открыть торговый счет на Форекс? Бездепозитный счет Открыть демо-счет При открытии позиции с трейдера сразу же списывается спрэд, который зависит от объёма сделки. Поэтому наша цель, во-первых, научить своих […]


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